We are amazed at the amount of interest our little project has brought. We clearly did not anticipate how hungry and thirsty the Foster-Powell area was for George’s beer and pizza. Thank you!

That being said, we apologize for being so unprepared. We know our first few days were rough, and we thank everyone for your understanding. We have made a LOT of changes in how we handle orders and payment, and we have also added almost 10 more staff members so that everyone can have a great experience at Assembly Brewing.

We have an amazing staff, and they have been through hell and back since we opened. We would not be here without them, both front and back of house, and we appreciate all the hard work they have been doing as we iron out the kinks and get our systems dialed in. Especially Sharon, our FOH manager. She’s a pink haired dynamo and she is truly the heart of Assembly Brewing.

We are 13 days in, and any expectations we had have been blown out of the water. With the summer months fast approaching, we are only expecting more people to come and enjoy our space, and we are excited.

We have some fun things coming in the next few months. More beer, with some special summer varieties, to go and delivery are on their way, and we are also looking at adding more vegan options, and maybe even a dessert or 3! Oh, and MORE BIKE PARKING! Cyclists, we heard you and we are working hard to make it happen ASAP!

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you again for an amazing first weeks, and we are happy to be here to serve you!